Jesus can handle

No solution.
Words dried up.
Hiding is overrated.
But still,
the pain is insuperable.

Nothing softens the pain.
Oke, sometimes chocolat does,
chocolat softens,
for a short while.

I know Jesus.
He hanged pierced on a cross.
He stepped into death, voluntarily.
That must have really hurt, right?

Right, but why does that still not soften my pain?
He felt pain, the world feels pain, a lot of people feel pain worse than I do.
Then why do I still wish to cry? Why can I not see through my own pain and get over it?

Here I come, not trying to tell you what to do, but still a little telling you what to do:
Ever literally shared your pain with Jesus?
As in literally talked, wrote, screamed or maybe even thrown Your pain towards Him?

I mean lets imagine together.
Imagine feeling a lot of your own pain.
Maybe intense sadness. Depression.
Something else I cannot imagine, but you can.
What if we would feel not just our own pain but also the intense pain of our children, mother, father, our brother or sister as well?

Can you imagine? Can you still handle? Maybe even recognize?

What about the emotional wounds of all billions of people in the world today?
Would we be able to receive every cursing word that a little child has to bear from his parents? Would we be able to go through every rape?

Could we handle?

Could we handle the loneliness of every abandoned child?
The pain of every woman or man that lost someone close.
Could we handle every process of going through a disease?
Could we handle all the staring eyes when having a physical disability.

Imagine not just carrying the pain that is suffered now.
But pain that was suffered thousands of years ago.
Pain that will be suffered over a thousand years.

Can we still handle?

I cannot.
I cannot even handle my own pain.

Jesus can.
He did.
He carried everybody’s pain.

All that pain combined.
He carried.

Every immense scar of that awfull emotional accident.
Or that little but still painful papercut you felt in your heart.

Nailed on a cross, stepping into death,  confronting darkness with who He is: eternal Light,
He carried all pain and has overcome.

He is bigger than my pain.

He loves me more than my own pain can hurt me.

He does not just soften.
He heals completely.


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