Saying no to the bitter tree

A root of pain or sadness in my life.
Something that might happen to me.
Without knowing the root becomes a bitter and huge tree in the middle of my heart.
A tree that carries and gives bitter fruit,
fruit in the form of hateful and angry words,
fruit in the shape of that mean joke.
Fruit that tastes like blind anger or that bad but o so satisfying word.

Without asking the tree delivers her fruit through my mouth and tongue.
A platform on which the enemy dances.
A platform in which he can break or harm someone else.
A platform that turns into a wall between me and God.
A wall that keeps me from honoring and praising Him.
A wall that keeps me from having a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Word, everything started with Him being the Word.
The world was created by His Word.
He is the overcoming Word.
His Words are Life.
Words that create a platform to build another person.
His Words are the delicious fruits of the tree of Life.
The tree of Life: Jesus Christ.
The true root, the right tree in our hearts.
Words that build another person.
Words that give Jesus a platform to build and heal another person.

Which tree do you recognize in your life?
Not so long ago I discovered a root of bitterness in my life.
The blood of Jesus is able to remove every root of bitterness.
That is why He went on the cross and has risen out of death and  destruction.
He has overcome all of that.
But we need to be willing to realize, recognize and willing to let go.
God will do the rest!
Let’s pray for it together.


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