A serious conversation

‘Son, are You sure You want to do this?’
‘Yes Father, I want to bring life and joy, I want to share the love that You have given Me’.

‘But Son, the place to which you will be going, the place You will share life and love with, won’t always appreciate what You will give them. 
As a matter of fact, they will deny it. What You are capable of giving them will be copied and will be detangled in evil.’

‘I believe You Father, but I know Your love is always stronger. 
I know the love You have for Me and for this world overcomes every form evil.
I know that Father. I do not want to keep it for Myself.’

‘I am not sure if I can bare it. My only begotten Son. A creation of My love, so very close to Me. inside of Me.  All I have is  Yours. All My love is Yours. My heart is completely Yours. 
To let You, My heart,  go into a world of pain and suffering.’

‘But Father, We know You love this world. We know that You would do anything to save it from it’s downfall. Let Me do it Father! With the love You have given Me. Let us together with the Holy Spirit show the true meaning of sacrifice, believe and overcoming love. We also know Father that Your love is stronger than anything. Which means I will be back very close to You. Let us create more beings to share true love with. Beings that will be close to Your heart. Let us love them with the love You have for Me’.  

When the Word came to earth to bring Life, He knew exactly what He was doing.
He knew what was ahead of Him. He knew what He was creating. 
He knew that if He, Jesus Christ, would create something out of love, it might hurt Him. 
He knew what He would create would want to find it’s own way. Thinking it would know better. 

But He also knew the love He had received as the only begotten Son of the Most High God would overcome every pain, every torture, every war, every gun, every lie, every denial, every product of rejection, every bad and hurting words, every closed door, every evil spirit, everything.

His love overcomes everything.

Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. He is God. Because He is the only Son of the most High God.
Inside of Christ we are children of God as well. But that is only in the love, the heritage that we receive from Christ. There is no other way to be a child of the Most High, than through His loving Son Jesus Christ, who displayed His love and grace by hanging on a cross. After which He would rise again in three days and return to the Father.

Jesus Christ is blameless and was blameless in all eternity. Not just on earth, but in His relation towards God He has always been blameless. He is the Son of the Most High God.
In Him we are blameless. In Him we are children of God. In our TRUE honor, worship and respect for Him we are free. Because He has set us free when He died on the cross.

But He could not die forever. No He just could not. Because He is Life. He is Forever.

It might seem intangible. But actually it is litterarely very tangible. Because the only thing we imperfect beings have to do is to say yes to Jesus Christ. To say yes to something we might not really understand. But believe that He will and already has set you free.

John 3:16
‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’


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