Reconciliation: to see the face of God

Jacob is scared.
Very scared.

He is on his way to his brother Esau.
The brother he deceived.

Jacob is on his way and even takes precautionary measures.
Measures in the traveling position of his family.

On his way he wrestless with an angel.
Maybe it is the climax of a very long and ongoing wrestle.
The spiritual wrestling.
The intellectual struggle between him en God.
A fight that has been going on all his life.
The fight of making choices with your own intellect or letting God do His work.
Trusting God or doing it by yourself.

The struggle of doing what God asks us.
The wrestling of fully going for what lives inside of our hearts,
to do what God has put in our hearts.
The wrestling of the purifying of our hearts.

Jacob won.
He did not let God go.
No matter what.

God damaged his hip and He blessed him.
God changed Jacobs name into Israel: conqueror.

Crippled, Israel moved on towards his brother Esau.
The one he deceived.

Upfront Israel sends Esau gifts.
Three times he sends his servants ahead of him.
He lowered himself.
When they met Israel the conqueror, bowed down seven times for his brother Esau.
He made his family bow aswell.

Wasn’t Esau just as wrong as Jacob?
Did it really matter to Esau?
I don’t know.
I think the point is that Jacob needed to get through this experience.
Esau did not even wanted his gifts.
He already had enough, he said.
But Israel insisted on his brother to accept the presents.

Israel the conqueror (former Jacob): ‘For truly to see your face is to me as if I had seen the face of God’.

That is why.

His reconcialion with Esau was the confirmation of Gods grace in his life.
Despite all his mistakes God gives grace.
The grace he did not let go off, in his struggle with God.
Jacob knew who he was and he knew the mistakes he had made.
He had to go through a battle, maybe even with himself as well, with his own thoughts.
He had to lower himself, litterally he went through the dust to see the grace of God.
The reconciliation, peace and love of Esau was a concrete expression of Gods grace.
Who knows how God worked in Esau’s heart.
Esau came toward Jacob/Israel with 400 men.
That does not sound really loveable or forgiving to me.
It sounds really treathening actually.
I can imagine that Jacob must have been very frightened.
But through that experience he eventually must have gotten much more awareness and understanding of Gods grace.

‘For truly to see your face is to me as if I had seen the face of God’.

After reading: Genesis 33.


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