‘Now the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast and living creature of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them; and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name.’
Genesis 2:18

So… after God promises Adam to give him something really really good, to not be alone anymore, to have a real help, someone who’s going to be with him all the way…
God creates… animals… Forreal.
I can imagine Adam being confused or frustrated.
I mean He was probably expacting something good, something mindblowing, amazing: his perfect match! But every time God would create something entirely different than what Adam was expacting: an animal, a monkey, a fish… Yes and he would come up with names… which was pretty awesome. But he felt so alone. Nothing he met seemed to be able to really communicate with him, or to be in one line with him or to just look like him. Everything that surrounded him was different. All was amazingly beautiful… it really was. But just so very different. He talked to God about it. Meeting God in the cool of the day was undescribably amazing and fulfilling. To meet his Lord and creator, to talk to the person who had given him life, who is life and created all that is alive around him. To know such a loving person and creator. Its mindblowing. So it is not like he wants to be ungrateful. Because grateful he really is. But he just couldn’t help to feel alone. To feel alone in the beautiful garden God had given him.

Maybe he would wake up every morning… wearing nothing… at all.
Enjoying the garden of Eden and all the beautiful things God created.
Maybe he would wake up and think: ‘today is the day, God promised me help, so I must find my help, today I am going to find my help!’

Then he would walk around and chill and eat some fruit here and there.
He would explore the garden and all the beautiful things God created.
And as he would relax and talk to God he heard a sound in the bushes.
Adam jumps up: ‘this is it!  God, am I going to meet my help right now?’
Slowly he walks up towards the sound in the bushes.
He hears a soft burp: ‘hhmmm i guess the help needs to learn some manners’.
As he approaches the sounds he sees some movement of something with a brownish yellow skin. It’s of much lower height than he himself. Adam gets closer.
In a swift moment the creature jumps right out of the bushes and stands eye to eye with Adam. Adam looks right into the eyes of something he has never seen before.

Adam stands still. The creature as well. They examine each other.
Adam sees the brownish skin of the creature. The hairs that surround his head like a crown. He sees the four legs on which the creature stands with admired dignity.
Adam touches his own two legs on which he stands on the ground. He realizes he is taller because he himself stands only on his two feet. Slowly he goes down on his two legs and touches the ground with his two hands. At the same time he keeps looking in the eyes of the creature. He copies his movement and thinks: ‘could you be my help?’.

The creature answers his question with an intense, loud and never heard sound before: RRRROOOOAAWWWWWWRRR… Adam is amazed.
He tries to copy the sound out of somewhere inside of stomach, but all he can produce is a loud crying sound. The creature looks at him and walks away. Adam is shocked: ‘did he just rolled his eyes at me?! … Dude you did not just do that did you? But seriously what are you?’

Adam follows the creature the rest of the day. He looks at how he eats and drinks. He follows his movements and tries to discover if they would fit together as help. The creature is not really communicative though… or helpful. He takes care of himself and rules his surroundings by just being his fearless self. Adam is amazed by his presence.

Its becoming later in the day. The cool of the day is starting to hit in. Adam starts feeling the presence of the Lord. Everything inside of him rejoices at the thought of meeting his Lord. His inner being warms up. He looks at his hands, all of his senses open up in a more intense way. Adam closes his eyes… he breaths and smiles. He hears the sound. The sound of footsteps, loving footsteps. Everything about his Lord is loving. His footsteps are soft, but fierce at the same time. Adam moves toward the sound of the footsteps. Moving into the presence of the Lord is undescribable. Feeling free of gravity. To feel His intense warmth. In His presence Adam gets down on His knees. When he closes his eyes he sees colors and images He can not name. He feels the urge to sing and tell what he has seen and felt today. The sounds he hears, answer his singing and talking. They become one. Their sound becomes one. Everything that occured becomes a song, in, with and out of the Lord.

He hears His voice: ‘did you find your help today?’
Adam answers: ‘I don’t think so. I think I have met something else today.’
God asks him what it was he met.
Adam is quiet for a moment. He realizes he didn’t come up with a name for the creature yet. He listens to the intense sounds of his Lord, again he hears the amazing sound the creature made, he sees the numerous colors and beauty that is out of his zone of comprehension. And then he knows… he hears the word, he feels the word: ‘Lion’.
Out of stomach, out of his troath Adam sings the word ‘Lion’.
The Lord answers his sound: ‘Your help is coming, be patient.’


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