We will love

I want to do this!

I really want to
I want to show love
Real love
Your love

I can’t do it by myself
That’s for sure
But I want to be loyal
I want to serve
Comfort with Your comfort

I don’t want to give up
With you everything is possible
I know being ‘me’ needs a big miracle

To be loyal and not give up
To believe in love
Believe in real love
In real life

For me not to destroy…
Needs a miracle

But I already am a miracle
For me to live is a miracle
For him to live is a miracle
For me to love is a miracle

You only do miracles
Your own humanlife was based on miracles

Miracles to believe
To believe that You exist
That You are real
And to believe that all we are is because of the miracles you do…
Everyday, minute, second You are real
And we believe

I want another chance God!
Another chance to believe
To love
To be real
To be honest
To be focused on Your love every second
To show Your love
To be true
To pray

I believe God
I believe

I believe I will be loyal

I believe I will truly love


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