He still heals

Peter and John walk into the temple.
A paralyzed man is laying down at the gate, he asks for a gift.
Peter and John carefully look at the man.
They have to really observe the man.
They have to truly see the man,
to see what he really needs.

You see, the man does not ask for healing.
The man asks for a gift, money to be exact.
When Peter and John attentively watch the man,
they maybe realize they have no money to give him.

They would love to give this man something,
but the man does not ask for what they can give him.
They have to take their stand and they need to have faith for this man.
They need to know for sure what they have to offer him: Gods Love.

Love for a man that year after year begs others for money.
Year after year he is in the gate, paralized and humiliated.
His self-esteem must be lower than low.
He probably already accepted his low position.
A crippled man, he does not know better than to beg for money.
Whether he likes it or not.
This is his place, he does not know how to get out… so it is impossible?

Peter and John know better.
They know Gods love,
That deep love that gives freedom.
They see the crippled man through Gods eyes.
Through the eyes of Jesus.
They know what they have to offer him.

When Peter says: ‘look at us’,
he maybe wants to help the man.
Help him to see and feel in them what they have to offer him.

Peter: the rock,
the strong powerful rock on whom God wants to build his church.
And John the disciple of love.
The begging man must see and feel that.
Maybe he is overwhelmed with emotions.
Maybe he is confused.
He expacted money.
Instead he is overwhelmed with a feeling he never felt before.
Maybe a feeling of true acceptance.

Meanwhile Peter starts to tell what he has to offer the man.
That is not money.
It is much better than money.
He gives him what he has received in the name of Jesus.
That is the unique love of Gods love in Peter.
Peter shares that love with this man by grabbing his right hand,
with a firm grip he pulls him up.
God gives Peter strength.

The strength to stand for this man in faith.
Strength that makes the crippled man stand.
Stand where he could not stand by himself and definitely not believe.
His feet become solid because of the strength of God that flows through him.
His faith awakens because of the soft touch of Gods love in his heart.

The three of them walk into the temple.
The formally crippled man still clamps himself onto John and Peter.
The people start to recognize and stared surprised to Gods great miracle.
That gave Peter the oppurtunity to tell about Gods strength and love.
Strength and love that heals.

Jesus Christ healed this man, it was nothing and nobody else.

Acts 3


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