Jesus loves you… enough said.

Her smile.
It was beautiful,
and it was enough.
Because Your Word is enough.

I was sitting front of her:
She was blond, pretty and very focused.
She listened to music and was underlining practically all the sentences in her book.
The lines were very straight.
The left side of her face was scarred.
It seemed burned.
It looked painful.
I wandered if she felt pretty.

´Give her a flyer.`
´No she´s busy! She does not want to talk.´
´Who said that you are supposed to talk?’
‘Allright, very clear. But still, she is busy. I do not want to disturb her.
That’s simply annoying.’
‘You have something good to give her.’

After a few minutes,
I gained a little courage and got one flyer out of my bag.
I look at the man next to me: he is sleeping.
I look around at the other side: a woman busy with her phone.
It is a little noisy in the train.
I conclude that I won’t attract much attention if I give her a flyer.
I feel triggered, ‘What are you waiting for?’

‘Yes, yes, yes’
I look at the flyer.
It says: ‘Jesus loves you.’
Enough said.

No response, she is in her music and book.
I reach out to her hand.
I am not sure if it is rude to touch it.

She noticed my hand and looks at me.
‘Uhm, can I give you this flyer by coïncidence?’
I hand her the flyer.
She accepts.
Immediately she starts putting it in her bag.
Before closing her bag she looks at sentence on the flyer:
‘Jesus loves you.’

A little tiny smile appears on her face.
She continues studying.
She puts her earplug back in her ear.

The little tiny smile won’t leave her face.
I can see it.
It makes me smile as well.
That’s enough, more than enough.
Her smile.

‘All Words of God are purified.’ Proverbs 30:5
No need to apply anything.

I leave the train.
She takes another look at me and gives me a bigger smile.
I smile back and want to cry.
I am so grateful.

She is



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