The rich youngster… that´s me

No, it is really not gold and money…
at all.

After leaving the supermarket,
I start talking to God with a pack of brinkey´s (chocolate cookies) in my hand.
The first disappears in my mouth.
Nice! I get the second brinkey out of my pocket.
Even better, not very healthy, but still, it’s good!

Me: ‘God, I know it is not very good, but I really do need this for a second.’
God: ‘Need Brinkey’s? I thought you needed Me?’
Me: ‘Yeah, but this is different needing.’

The third Brinkey disappears in my mouth.
And I continue the conversation.

Me: ‘I kind of deserve this actually. I am tired and this is good!’
God: ‘I got so much better. You should let go.’

Reaching in my bag, I start looking for the fourth Brinkey to eat.

Me: ‘Let go? Not letting go again! God, this all I…’
God: ‘All you what?’

Whispering in my head: ‘All I have.’

God: ‘When it feels like all you have, it is comfortfood. You know that.’
Me: ‘I know, I’m so sorry, but this is so good right now.’
God: Kim, I know. But you also know that I can give you the very best comfort there is. You know that you only have to ask for my comfort and I will give you what you really need.’

We are the rich youngster

We receive what we don’t have.
We take what we don’t have.
We seek what is not ours,
and we get whenever we want to get it.

a man,
a woman,
a friend.

The rich young guy is this generation.
Comfort is our welth.
Consolation is our gold.

Comfort from the wrong side though.
The Most High does not coöperate with our short-term desires.
It is a pattern of taking what we seem to lack.
What do we lack?

Love? A hug? Stability? Peace?

I forget so easily that David said in Psalm 23: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack.’

If I do not lack, I do not need to search for what seems to lack.
God gives me everything I need.
He brings me to what I need, whenever I need it.
For He is the best Shepherd.


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