Meeting sisters shame and arrogance

I wish to introduce you to the sisters called shame and arrogance.

First meet the little sister: shame.
Shame is always terrified.
Nervy she looks around.
She does not look anyone straight in the eye.
She’s afraid to be seen.
She makes sure everything is done
to hide the unknown,
to hide the remarkable
and to hide the different.

She is afraid of reactions,
she is afraid of pain,
she is afraid of painful reactions.

Shame considers the truth as something terrifying.
She is afraid that she cannot handle the truth.
Afraid that life and people will abandon her.
Simply terrified that the truth will kill her.

When shame is out of breath,
she calls her big sister: arrogance.
Arrogance is not frightened.
She is never frightened… she thinks.

Arrogance is capable of making the negative into a virtue.
Arrogance is focused on herself,
and finds ways to show herself better than others.
Arrogance appears when she feels safe.
In that moment she walks over shame and the other person.
She considers herself safe in what another person does not have.
That safe, that she uses it as an arrow to denigrate another person.

Arrogance is the opposite of kindness.
Where arrogance raises only herself,
kindness praises only God.
Where arrogance takes right of way,
kindness gives right of way.

Shame is the opposite of subservience.
Where shame hides,
subservience reveals everything.
Where fear rules over shame.
Subservience rules over fear.

I wish to let go of arrogance and accept sincere kindness.
I wish to let go of shame and accept true subservience.

Goodbye little sisters.

Thank You God for true dignity, dignity only You can give.


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