Name it

Creation out of nothing.
Power flowing through weakness,
weakness is making room for love.
Standing up in that love makes us stronger.

It hurts
a lot.

But at the top you will find an explosion.
An explosion of love.
It becomes a unity.
That unity brings creation.

New creation,
like never seen before.

Genesis 2:19
‘And whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name.’

We must name creation.
That way we know how to really love creation,
so it will find its own love,
than we can become one with His creation.

God reveals those names inside of us.
He does not always or immediately show why.
We must trust His Word(s) inside of us.
Its only naming.
Nothing more, nothing less.
That is our job.
To name, to rule.
To see the potential.
Learning how to love,
to let the potential grow.
That way we can even learn from the potential
and see God in it.
To see His love inside of it and love that other part of His love.
Being one with another peace of His love.
Out of that unity something else can be created.
Something new and unique.

Adam needed help to name though.
He could not help himself.
He could not follow his own heart that far.
He was not able to find his own help.
He was not able to comprehend or oversee the overall.
So God brought him to sleep.

Adam had left the overall to God.
He did see a part but he could not handle the overall.
He had to choose to surrender the overall to God.
Because he is not God.
He contains a part of His love.
To be a part of the overall,
he must be willing to surrender to Gods complete love.
To the overview only God contains.


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