When I think about Jesus

Do you know the song?
‘When I think about Jesus and what He’s done for me
When I think of His goodness and how He set me free,

I want to dance dance dance, dance dance dance, all night…’

While singing I realized: to be honest I don’t want to dance all night… i’d rather sleep, get some rest and stuff…

Then I felt Him saying: ‘How about always then?’

Always? As in for forever?
As in singing, dancing, jumping forever?
What do you want to do forever? Like always, never ending, without a stop, or sleep.

Without Sleep?

There is no sleep in forever?

He says: ‘Indeed, He who watches over Israël will neither slumber nor sleep’.  psalm 121:4

Wow… God doesn’t sleep.

We’ll sing, dance, do what we like with endless energy…

Who is that endless energy?

I believe God Himself is. He is forever.

When I actually think about Jesus… In those moments I do want to dance and sing and love and yes… I want it then forever, not really knowing what forever means.

Thinking of You forever, like being in love forever. That does make sense in my small human brain.

That is some commitment though. Have you met my brains? Thinking something else, every one second. Constantly thinking about Jesus is gonna be some change in my mind. But then again He does say: ‘be transformed by the renewing of the mind’ Romans 12:2.

And ofcourse I can’t do that. That is where You’re finished work comes through. He came through by sharing His blood on the cross and ressurecting out of the grave. That blood and strength is coming through, even in my own shaky and confused brain… it’s filling the wholes of forgetfullness with Your healing blood. Confronting my fears, healing my most painful thoughts, forgiving my guilty deeds and overcoming my anger. Everywhere I let You in, You heal… til forever.

How amazing…